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On the Issues

Community Safety:

Parks and Public Spaces

Raising a family in West Anaheim, I learned to appreciate and recognize the importance of providing accessible community resources to our families and children, and making sure they had a safe place to grow up and to play. While serving as Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting Chair, our community held an annual tree lighting ceremony for seven years straight with 700 attendees our first year. It was a true point of pride and community for our neighborhood to have such a unifying and safe event for us all to rally around. The importance of such safe community events and places in West Anaheim, including clean and safe parks, shined through that day in the spirit of community with our friends and neighbors.


Prioritizing public safety is of utmost importance when considering investments in our community. We must continue to clean up our parks for our families and children. I’ll also work hard to prioritize tackling the drug and gang problems, compassionately getting homeless individuals off the streets and into shelters where they can get the help and support they need, and increasing quality policing and mental health services. This is crucial to the well-being of our neighbors and our children’s safety.

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