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Where Gloria Stands

On the Issues

As a long-time resident of West Anaheim, I know the issues that matter to our community, and I will be your advocate and your voice at City Hall.


For West Anaheim to become the thriving community we all want, our city government must prioritize the revitalization of our neighborhoods, the safety of our parks and public spaces, and encourage the growth of our local economy which provides opportunities for good-paying jobs to be created. If I am given the continued opportunity to serve my district for the next four years, these issues will be the focus of my work as your Councilmember.

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Government Transparency

As representatives of the city both our elected officials and city staff must be held accountable to the residents of Anaheim. To ensure transparency and accountability we must seek input from residents, and the spending of city resources must be used to benefit our city, not special interests.

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Community Safety:
Parks and Public Spaces

Raising a family in West Anaheim, I learned to appreciate and recognize the importance of providing accessible community resources to our families and children, and making sure they had a safe place to grow up and to play. While serving as Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting Chair, our community held an annual tree lighting ceremony for seven years straight with 700 attendees our first year. It was a true point of pride and community for our neighborhood to have such a unifying and safe event for us all to rally around. The importance of such safe community events and places in West Anaheim, including clean and safe parks, shined through that day in the spirit of community with our friends and neighbors.

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Neighborhood Revitalization

I have always been an advocate for improving our West Anaheim neighborhoods. While living in the Rancho La Palma area for 42 years, I’ve served on various boards and commissions with the goal of putting our neighborhood first. My previous community involvement serving as the North Anaheim Neighborhood Council Chair, Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting Chair, and Community Services Board has given me valuable insights into the needs of our friends and neighbors and into opportunities to improve West Anaheim.

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Modern Neighborhood
Image by Bret Kavanaugh

Local Economic Growth 

A strong economy in Anaheim provides the needed funds and resources to pay for our city’s programs and services which our neighborhoods and communities come to expect. I recognize and am grateful for the economic benefits that are brought to our city through our Anaheim attractions like Angels Baseball, the Ducks, the Disneyland Resort, and the Anaheim Convention Center.

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Cost of living and housing

Anaheim is a working-class community. We are experiencing an increase in cost of living and housing that makes it difficult for many to obtain the “American Dream” of home ownership. City hall must increase assistance to residents who struggle to afford some of the basic necessities. In addition, affordable housing must be part of any discussion when it comes to new developments in our city.

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