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On the Issues 

Neighborhood Revitalization 

I have always been an advocate for improving our West Anaheim neighborhoods. While living in the Rancho La Palma area for 42 years, I’ve served on various boards and commissions with the goal of putting our neighborhood first. My previous community involvement serving as the North Anaheim Neighborhood Council Chair, Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting Chair, and Community Services Board has given me valuable insights into the needs of our friends and neighbors and into opportunities to improve West Anaheim.


I will prioritize investing in our neighborhoods by redeveloping and improving the blighted areas and neglected commercial centers of West Anaheim. This includes concentrating on code enforcement policies, as well as much needed street and infrastructure repairs. I will press the City Council to invest in areas such as the Brookhurst corridor to provide the resources these areas need to succeed. When we prioritize investment into our neighborhoods, our West Anaheim community will blossom and realize the true potential it holds.

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