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Gloria Sahagun-Ma’ae is the daughter of immigrant parents, raised in Orange County where she was taught the value of community and compassion for others. She is a resident of Anaheim for 42 years and has brought these values to her neighborhood and to this city she calls home. Gloria has raised her family in the same west Anaheim neighborhood they still live in.


Gloria is proud of her Anaheim roots, as she started advocating for her community years ago when a group of neighbors had had enough of the drug and gang-related problems the Rancho La Palma area was experiencing. She helped organize the community and launched monthly flashlight walks, neighborhood cleanups followed by a street party all supported by Anaheim Neighborhood Services.


She has volunteered her time and has been proud to serve as a member of the following local organizations:


  • North Anaheim Neighborhood Council,

  • Anaheim Leadership Academy,

  • Public Awareness through Citizen Education (PACE) Program,

  • Anaheim Community Services Board.


Most recently, she helped lead Anaheim First, a community non-profit established to ensure Anaheim residents and neighborhoods would have a voice in improvements made by the City throughout the community.

In 2021, Gloria was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Anaheim city council representing District 2. Since then, she has continued the work of revitalizing our neighborhoods, making our parks and public spaces safe places for families, and encouraging the growth of Anaheim’s economy and opportunities for job creation.

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Writing with Pen



and Accountability

As representatives of the city both our elected officials and city staff must be held accountable to the residents of Anaheim.


To ensure transparency and accountability we must seek input from residents, and the spending of city resources must be used to benefit our city, not special interests.


Neighborhood Revitalization

I have always been an advocate for improving our West Anaheim neighborhoods. While living in the Rancho La Palma area for 42 years, I’ve served on various boards and commissions with the goal of putting our neighborhood first. My previous community involvement serving as the North Anaheim Neighborhood Council Chair, Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting Chair, and Community Services Board has given me valuable insights into the needs of our friends and neighbors and into opportunities to improve West Anaheim.


I will prioritize investing in our neighborhoods by redeveloping and improving the blighted areas and neglected commercial centers of West Anaheim. This includes concentrating on code enforcement policies, as well as much needed street and infrastructure repairs. I will press the City Council to invest in areas such as the Brookhurst corridor to provide the resources these areas need to succeed. When we prioritize investment into our neighborhoods, our West Anaheim community will blossom and realize the true potential it holds.

Police Cars

Community Services and Public Safety

Raising a family in West Anaheim, I learned to appreciate and recognize the importance of providing accessible community resources to our families and children, and making sure they had a safe place to grow up and to play. While serving as Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting Chair, our community held an annual tree lighting ceremony for seven years straight with 700 attendees our first year. It was a true point of pride and community for our neighborhood to have such a unifying and safe event for us all to rally around. The importance of such safe community events and places in West Anaheim, including clean and safe parks, shined through that day in the spirit of community with our friends and neighbors.


Prioritizing public safety is of utmost importance when considering investments in our community. We must continue to clean up our parks for our families and children. I’ll also work hard to prioritize tackling the drug and gang problems, compassionately getting homeless individuals off the streets and into shelters where they can get the help and support they need, and increasing quality policing and mental health services. This is crucial to the well-being of our neighbors and our children’s safety.

Coffee Shop Assistant

Economic Growth and Job Creation

A strong economy in Anaheim provides the needed funds and resources to pay for our city’s programs and services which our neighborhoods and communities come to expect. I recognize and am grateful for the economic benefits that are brought to our city through our Anaheim attractions like Angels Baseball, the Ducks, the Disneyland Resort, and the Anaheim Convention Center.


Supporting these valuable Anaheim partners and attractions and making prudent use of the economic resources they provide to revitalize our neighborhoods and fund important services such as public safety throughout the City of Anaheim is an important piece of the puzzle for reinvigorating neglected areas of Anaheim. We must work together, our large and small businesses, elected leaders, and others, to provide our community the additional economic and business opportunities needed to truly see our district and city thrive.

Modern Neighborhood

Cost of Living

and Housing

Anaheim is a working-class community. We are experiencing an increase in cost of living and housing that makes it difficult for many to obtain the “American Dream” of home ownership.


City hall must increase assistance to residents who struggle to afford some of the basic necessities. In addition, affordable housing must be part of any discussion when it comes to new developments in our city.


  • Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O'Neil

  • Councilman Jose Diaz

  • Councilman Steve Faessel

  • Curt Pringle - Former Anaheim Mayor

  • Shirley McCracken - Former Anaheim Councilmember

  • Lucille Kring - Former Anaheim Councilmember

  • Kris Murray - Former Anaheim Councilmember

  • Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs

  • Orange County Coalition of Police and Sheriffs

  • Anaheim Police Association

  • Anaheim Firefighters Association

  • Anaheim Taxpayers Association

  • Anaheim Municipal Employees Association

  • Orange County Labor Federation

  • AFSCME District Council 36

  • Los Angeles / Orange County Building & Construction Trades Council

  • Orange County Business Council's PAC (BIZPAC)




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